You are just starting the college process, and you need help.

You aren’t sure how determine which colleges might meet your student’s needs. Your student has no idea of what to major in—or they know exactly what they want to major in, but you're worried they don’t have enough resume depth for that major. This is where comprehensive college planning comes in.

Comprehensive College Planning is our most popular service. Students typically start with us in 10th or 11th grade, although we accept students as early as the 9th grade. The program is a step-by-step journey through each part of the college search and application process. We develop a timeline and strategy unique to the student, based on their profile, personality, and goals for college. We work with students across the country, as well as students in our Austin, Texas offices.


We really appreciated the hands on and individual attention our boys received as clients of College MatchPoint. Lisa, Bob, and all their staff were proactive and genuinely interested in the boys’ success. College MatchPoint guides each student through a personalized process of college identification and application preparation. The essay preparation component is invaluable - the writing coaches are very thoughtful and proactive in making sure the students prepare well written essays on a timely basis.
— Fred Frey


Comprehensive College Planning Services Include:

  • Assessment of transcript, educational testing, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities

  • Researching best-fit summer and winter programs

  • Planning and review of student's high school curriculum

  • Exploration of careers and college majors

  • Full career testing through You Science, a leading aptitude test

  • Guidance and tools for college research

  • Development of personal college criteria list

  • Ongoing evaluation of balanced college list

  • Development of leadership and academic research plan

  • Mock college interviews

  • Coaching toward a well-written college resume

  • Intensive one-on-one essay writing coach throughout the college essay process

  • Customized application plan with key deadlines and milestones

  • Monitoring of application plan to ensure deadlines are met


How can we possibly do justice to all the benefits we received from working with College MatchPoint? Lisa, Bob, and their outstanding crew helped our student and our family at each point of the process. Their expertise, compassion, and astounding ability to motivate and work through ANY difficulty is unparalleled. Our student gained confidence and valuable experience through interactions with the staff and their commitment to a process that brings results. As parents, we were able to call them with any questions or trepidations, and they were unfailingly gracious, knowledgeable, and helpful. We worked with another college consultant with our first child, and the process was nowhere near the wonderful experience we had with College MatchPoint. We sing their praises whenever the opportunity arises. The funny thing is that many of the people we tell about College MatchPoint already know how fabulous they are—either by reputation or through working with them. Thank you, College MatchPoint!!
— Julie and Bob Schriber, Austin, TX


Benefits of Comprehensive College Planning Services

  • A trained expert to guide the student through each step of the college admissions process

  • A plan for extracurricular activities and leadership

  • Ebooks, worksheets, checklists and organizational strategies to manage important tasks and deadlines

  • A structured outline for the student to use as they start the college essay writing process

  • An experienced editor to help the student polish his or her essay

  • A mentor to provide tools or suggestions for college essay writing

  • A taskmaster to keep the student focused and on schedule

  • A seasoned educational consultant overseeing the essay and application process

  • An overarching strategy to create applications that stand out from the stack

By choosing the Comprehensive College Planning service, you’ll have our team of seasoned educational consultants overseeing the entire application process. We provide on-demand help whenever you need it, no matter where you are in the process. We’ll help your student develop a plan, offer resources and strategies for managing important tasks and deadlines, and serve as a guide throughout the entire journey. We’ll be your student’s taskmaster, strategist, editor, and mentor to be sure they feel confident and excited about what’s ahead. In the end, our goal is for your student to thrive in their selected college, and our Comprehensive College Planning service provides all the tools to make that happen.


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