How To Set Up A Campus Tour

There’s no better way to learn about a college than going to visit the college. Going on admissions tours, visiting classes, and talking to current students will help you see if you can visualize yourself at the school.

So how do you actually set up a campus tour? It’s easy! Just follow these nine steps.

  1. Go to the college’s website and click on the Admission tab

  2. Go to undergraduate admissions (this will be an option at universities where graduate programs are offered)

  3. Click on the Visit or Visiting Campus tab

  4. Choose the right option for your visit - i.e. Daily Visit, Weekend Visit (if offered)

  5. Check the calendar for an available day that you can attend and click on the day

  6. Fill out the required information - name, address, school and graduation year, academic interests, etc.

  7. Sign up for everything possible if you have the time, including a class visit, specific majors information sessions, lunch, meeting with a professor or coach (if applicable), etc. (if those options aren’t on the form, be sure to call the admissions office to ask if they’re available).

  8. Hit Submit!

  9. Check for a confirmation email. If you don’t receive one within 24 hours, make sure to contact the admissions department to check that your request was received.

Can’t make it to the actual campus? Don’t worry. Many colleges offer Virtual Tours on their admissions page and a calendar of when admissions reps may visit your city or school.