Your Guide To Highly Selective Colleges

Is your student's heart set on studying coding at MIT or earning an engineering degree at Stanford? Have they imagined themselves pursuing an interdisciplinary degree at Tufts or majoring in international business at USC?

If so, your student is focused on the class of schools typically referred to as "highly selective." Of the approximately 3,500 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S., only about 100 (around 3 percent)  are considered highly selective. This means that getting accepted to any of these schools is extremely difficult.


We've developed our MatchPoint Guide To Highly Selective Colleges to help parents & students better understand these schools. Our guide includes the following topics:

  • What Makes a College Selective?

  • What These Colleges Want to See from Applicants

  • What Does “Depth” Mean in High School Activities?

  • Application Strategy: Early Decision vs. Restricted Early Action