3 Steps to Making the Most of College Visits to a High School

From test prep to piling on the AP classes and taking on leadership roles, the college admissions spotlight is truly on the junior year. Which also happens to be a wonderful time to start connecting with colleges as you begin your college search. One of the best (and stress free!) ways to learn about colleges is to attend the college representative presentations right at your high school. Typically, schools publish a list of the visits each semester, so take the time to add a few schools of interest to your calendar. If you are unsure if and when any schools are visiting your campus, stop by your college counselor’s office and ask!

These visits give students the chance to hear about a college without having to travel and miss school. The other huge benefit of these visits is that the rep who visits will most likely be the first person who reads your application. With demonstrated interest becoming a bigger and bigger deal at many campuses, you shouldn’t discount the importance of making early connections with schools on your radar. With a little advance planning, these high school visits can have a big payoff down the road.

Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of these visits:

  1. Show up: Seriously, many students think they are too busy to attend these fantastic opportunities. Don’t make this mistake--go!

  2. Ask questions: Prior to the visit, take a little time to research the college. Come prepared with a few questions for the rep. Appropriate questions are anything you cannot find on the website or questions about things on the website where you want additional information.

  3. Follow up: If you liked the college and plan to apply, follow up with the rep. You can send an email thanking them for their presentation and expressing your continued interest in the college. While handwritten notes are wonderful, emails are easier for them to put in your file. Don’t forget to keep the rep’s information so you can email additional questions as you have them.

Happy College Exploring!