Demonstrated Interest: Email with Admissions Representative

Demonstrated interest involves creating relationships with college representatives, faculty, alums, etc. Our post The Importance Of Demonstrated Interest gives a good sense of why this can be important for many students.

Your admissions rep will be your main point of contact during the admissions process. To find your rep, look at the admissions page on the website and find the name of the person who represents your state. Then, get ready to write your first email to him/her. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

A good first email to your admissions rep:

Hello Ms. Smith,

I have been researching the University of Rhode Island and really believe it is a great fit for me! The Oceanography program with the trip to the Arctic sounds amazing. I wanted to touch base with you because I still have a couple of questions. First, because I am coming from so far away, I was hoping you could connect me with a current student from my area—I’m interested to learn how a fellow southerner found the adjustment to New England. I also wanted to know if there is a professor I could talk with about research options in Oceanography.

Thank you so much for your help. Please let know if you’ll be visiting Austin; if so, I’d love to meet with you and possibly set up an interview. I look forward to being in touch with you throughout the upcoming semester/year!


A bad email to your admissions representative:

Hi, Bobby,

I am very interested in URI! Can you tell me whether your school has a pre-med program and what the acceptance rate is? Thank you.



Some important reminders:

  • Be polite: address reps appropriately, use mature language, write thank-you notes/emails

  • Be considerate of your rep’s time (no asking questions you should be able to answer with a little researching!)

  • Be curious: what is it you really need to know to make an informed decision about a school?

  • Proofread your emails for grammar and spelling issues

  • Make sure you are sending the right note to the right rep--with the right school name mentioned (be very careful if you are cutting and pasting notes from one rep/school to another)

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