College Spotlight: Tufts University

Located just outside of Boston, Tufts University sits on 150 suburban acres. Surrounded by mainly residential areas, it's easy for students at Tufts to get to downtown Boston--the "T" (Boston's subway) has a stop right on campus. The red-brick buildings and lush green spaces are picturesque and traditional in style, making the school a great pick for students who want to be near the hustle and bustle of a big city, but on a cozier campus setting. The campus itself is divided into two portions, called "Uphill" and "Downhill." Most academic and residential buildings are located "Uphill," which boasts fantastic views of the Boston skyline. Visitors are not surprised to learn that campus has been named one of the nation's prettiest. Connecting "Uphill" with "Downhill" (the location of the well-regarded engineering school) are memorial stairs designed by the Olmsted Brothers.

Freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus, where dining options are ranked among the nation's best. A majority of upperclassman opt to live off campus for their final two years. 94% of students participate in some sort of extracurricular activity--and with more than 300 student-run organizations and clubs to choose from, students here find it easy to stay busy. The school is the largest among NESCAC members, and students compete in Division III sports under their elephant mascot, Jumbo. While the Medford, MA campus is the largest (and main campus), the school also has a downtown campus in Boston's Chinatown, as well as a campus in Grafton, which houses the veterinary medicine college. The college also runs an experiential learning program abroad at a permanent location in Talloires, France. Students here are happy, evidenced by the 96% freshman retention rate.

Known as one of the "Little Ivies," this most selective university is ranked 27th in the nation and has a 17% acceptance rate. The vast majority of students study within the School of Arts and Sciences, where popular courses of study include: International Relations, Economics, Fine Arts (MFA), Psychology and Political Science. More than half of students study abroad, not surprising given the 6-semester language requirement at Tufts. There is a focus on the arts for all students, which includes a mandated course. The school also has its own museum and permanent art collection which retains works by Rodin, Picasso, Warhol and Durer, to name a few. More than 99% of courses are taught by Tufts professors, and freshman have a team of 3 advisors assigned to guide them. A small writing course is a key component in first-year studies, where transferring majors is not uncommon. Not to be overlooked is the well-regarded School of Engineering--with only 200 students, it's one of the nation's smallest and most selective. Admission to this school is even more difficult, and a special committee is dedicated to selecting students for the engineering program. Students applying should have taken a high-level Calculus course and AP Chem or Physics (as a minimum). The School of Engineering is ABET accredited and offers students an unparalleled entrepreneurial program that includes weekly meetings with alums. Undergrads at Tufts get early access (and assurance) to the graduate programs, which include very highly ranked medical and law schools, as well as the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (Top 10 in nation).

Fast Facts:

  • 5, 177 students, 51% female, 49% male

  • Student-faculty ratio is 9:1 and 68% of classes have fewer than 20 students

  • Tuition and fees: $50,604; Room & Board: $13,094

  • Nearly 39% of students receive aid, and the school is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated need

  • SAT (no essay section required) plus 2 SAT subject tests OR ACT accepted

  • Mid-50% SAT range: 2050-2290, mid-50% ACT range: 30-33; average GPA 4.06

  • The school is looking for students with deep (demonstrated) levels of interest

  • More than 1000 students apply to transfer annually; only 20-60 accepted

  • Strong mental health and LD services on campus

Fun Facts:

  • Jumbo, the elephant mascot, isn't the only pachyderm on campus; elephant statues can be found all over

  • The "Excessively Overdressed Quad Crawl" was created after the annual naked streak was banned for safety reasons; in the Quad Crawl, students dressed in an absurd number of layers slowly (and safely) stroll the campus

  • A replica USS Constitution cannon gets repainted--with everything from campus event details to marriage proposals--on a nightly basis

  • Applicants should be prepared for quirky supplemental essay questions!

  • Notable alum include: Governor Bill Richardson, Time CEO Laura Lang, actor William Hurt, TV Host Meredith Viera and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

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