Take the College Tour Parent Pledge

Your student is about to embark on a wonderful journey. You’re excited for them, of course, but also nervous to see them moving further toward independence. Thinking about it all in the abstract is one thing, but there’s a specific moment when it all becomes tangible: the college tour.

Because of the emotions that arise during college tours, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget to let your student take the lead. As much as we tell ourselves we can handle it, it’s smart to be prepared.


That’s why we’re inviting you to take the MatchPoint “College Tour Parent Pledge.” We encourage you to print it out and tape it to your mirror the week before the tour and keep it in your pocket as a physical reminder during the tour.

  • I will step back and let my student take the lead.

  • I will remember that this trip is about my student, not about me.

  • I will bite my tongue until I know what my student thinks about the college.

  • I will understand that my student’s evaluation of the college will differ from mine, and I will respect their opinion.

  • I will give up the expectation that this trip will be perfect.

  • I will be grateful for this time together and will appreciate that my student is including me on their journey.

You know yourself better than anyone, so determine which part of the pledge will give you the most trouble, and focus on that aspect. The dynamics of a college tour can be tough, but if you take our pledge, both you and your student will get the most out of it.