No two clients are alike. We offer a variety of educational consulting and college planning services to local students as well as students from across the U.S.

We have a unique approach at College MatchPoint. It all begins and ends with our ultimate goal: for our students to thrive in their selected college. Yes, this means we want them to love it—academically and socially. We also make sure that it fits within your family’s budget.

We have students who are with us from 9th grade until high school graduation, as well as students who start with us the fall of their senior year. Our flexible, customized options will allow you to choose the college planning services you need—no matter where you live.

A very organized group for letting your teenager work through the college application process to find the best match for the teen. They excel in essay tutoring, application polishing and helping your child meet their deadlines while minimizing the stress on the child and the family. They have a wealth of knowledge about colleges and universities and really get to know your child to help suggest the best fit colleges for the student. My daughter benefited from the essay development the most. They helped her organize her thoughts, brainstorm, set deadlines and knock out her essays in her own words and thoughts without a mother/daughter battle. They took the whole process off my plate and gave it to her which reduced the stress a family goes through in the college application process. In the end she got her dream school early decision and we couldn’t be more delighted.
— Elizabeth Buchholz


Team of Experts

Lisa and Bob are so passionate about their clients! They take all of the stress off of the parents so the college search process can be exciting. They have a staff of professionals that are just as passionate. They also don’t stop until they find the right match. They treat every client like they are their own child.
— Kelly Topfer

We have an amazing team of experienced educational consultants, college admissions specialists, and college essay writing coaches. Our founder has worked with students for over 25 years. Our college essay specialists are gifted and accomplished writers, many of whom have taught at the college level. You will notice that the majority of our college counseling team members hold a Master’s degree in their field. And each of us shares a common goal: for your student to thrive in their selected college. We meet, strategize, and ponder how to make your student shine. Meet the team.

Highest Quality Tools

We invest in the highest quality tools to manage the college planning process. Our college planning software is state of the art and allows parents to keep an eye on the milestones throughout our process. Our families particularly love the career development assessment, You Science, of which we were early adopters.Of course, our most valuable tool is our team of college admissions experts.

Working Meetings

We don't waste one second of your or your student's time. We intentionally set up our college planning offices in Austin, Texas, with multiple  work rooms, so there's plenty of space to get right to work on the college admissions process. Our student sessions are working meetings, and our team is with the students every step of the way. (Our great snacks are a motivator too!) When students walk out the College MatchPoint office or hang up the phone, they feel a sense of accomplishment, confident that they are one step closer to completing their college admissions journey.

Essay Writing Process

We take the pain out of college essay writing. How? By investing  in the highest quality essay coaches to guide our students through the entire process. Our coaches work one-on-one with the student, from topic brainstorming to outlining to writing to polishing. . Because our coaches develop a plan to keep students on track,any of our students are completely finished with their writing before the fall of their senior year.

Major & Career Focus

Colleges increasingly want students to define their majors when they apply. That's a lot for a 17-year-old to handle, which is why we provide an organized and comprehensive framework for students to explore potential majors. We use the leading career and aptitude test, You Science, and we work with students to “try on” majors through informational interviews and activity planning. We encourage students to experiment  in a variety of fields, so they can feel confident in their major selection.

The personalized service was outstanding. I feel like you really took the time to get to know our son and listened to him. You targeted the schools that we were within reach. You also were so responsive to me and my husband. You helped to make sure that I was just a crazy parent and not a completely crazy parent! It is high quality, personalized service, targeted to the unique needs and abilities of your individual student.
— Ellen Miura


1. What is the profile of the typical College MatchPoint student?

That is a hard question. Our students range from the very high achieving student to the student who has not shined in high school—and all the students in the middle. We love working with a wide range of students to help them find a college and successfully complete the college application process. Our goal remains the same with each: to thrive in their selected college.

2.  How often will my student meet with you?

This depends on what services you need from our college counselors. Students vary on what they need in that time.We meet with you either face-to-face in our Austin, Texas, college planning office or via Skype or telephone.

4. Are all your students in Austin?

No! About a third of students utilizing our college preparation process are located outside of the Austin area, and some of our team is located in other parts of the country. We Skype with our out-of-town students and find that the process works equally as well.

5. Do we have to buy a package to work with you?

No! We offer a variety of resources free of charge for students and families.