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So what exactly is an information interview and why would you do one? Basically, an informational interview is just a simple way for you to learn about a job or career by having a conversation with someone who’s doing that job. As you start thinking about what careers you may be interested in, talking to trusted adults with knowledge of those careers is a great way to start thinking about your potential college major as well as your future career possibilities. If you think talking to adults about their careers sounds a little scary, you’ll be glad to know that most adults love talking about their careers and how they got where they are. And most adults are also very happy to help you in your career exploration process. So don’t be intimidated! Think of informational interviewing as just one part of your research into your future career.

How do you find people to interview in the jobs you’re interested in? Parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, etc. will probably be the most helpful in making introductions to people they know in a variety of careers. You can start by asking your parents if they know someone in the field or career you’re thinking about and then asking if they will introduce you by email. From there you can set up a phone or Skype call, schedule a meeting, or just ask questions by email. It’s important to know that you generally get much better information and build a stronger relationship if you talk directly to the person rather than just email. Expect to spend about 15-20 minutes for each interview.

Introducing the matchpoint guide to informational interviews

Working with hundreds of families, College MatchPoint has developed a guide to making the most of your campus tour. The MatchPoint Guide to Informational Interviews includes the following topics

  • Why should I do informational interviews

  • How to prepare for an interview

  • What questions should I ask

  • How do I follow up

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