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For many of today’s college-bound high school students, summer is no longer nine weeks of total relaxation, but rather an opportunity to spend time actively working, learning new skills, or diving deeper into an area (or areas) of interest. Summer is the perfect time to take calculated risks that push students into unfamiliar situations that build skills and enrich life experiences. Planning is the key to finding the most rewarding experience.

We encourage students to consider what they enjoy, what areas they could improve in, and what their goals for the future are in order to decide what to do over the summer. With any activity students choose to participate in, there should be opportunities to help them learn more about themselves by expanding their interests, gaining new experiences, or taking on responsibilities. Whether or not it’s going to help in the college process should be secondary to having a good growth experience.

Introducing the matchpoint guide to SUMMER planning

College MatchPoint has developed a guide to making the most of your tour. The MatchPoint Guide includes the following topics

  • Building your summer planning criteria

  • Common myths of summer planning

  • Types of summer activities

  • Researching summer activities

The guide also includes the MatchPoint Summer Planning Worksheet, which you can use to evaluate each school you tour.  

Click here to download your copy of this ebook.