5 Important College Admission Updates UT and A&M

As your students complete applications to UT and A&M, or think about applying in the future, please keep in mind the following updated information from each institution.

New This Year at UT:

  • Honors Application Process Change. This year, you can indicate your interest in the application instead of going to a separate site. If you’re not ready to apply to honors when you submit your application, you can also apply after you submit. https://admissions.utexas.edu/apply/freshman-honors

  • Numerical Rank Information: You should include your numerical rank on the application if your school does rank. If your school does not rank, UT would like an official statement by the school (with a signature) uploaded to MyStatus stating that the school does not rank. 

  • New Major Alert! Computational Engineering: a new and rapidly growing multidisciplinary field that applies advanced computational methods and analysis to engineering practice. https://www.ae.utexas.edu/undergraduate/computational-undergrad-program

A&M Updates:

  • Academic Admit Change: this path of automatic admission for students in the top quarter of their graduating class will be discontinued after this year’s class of 2020 and change to holistic review 

  • New Engineering Major Alert!Architectural Engineering and Environmental Engineering.