Last-Minute College Tours for Rising Seniors

Fall can be extra busy for high school seniors, but it’s vital to find the time to visit campus at the schools you’re interested in but haven’t seen in person yet. Websites and virtual tours can give you good information, but nothing replaces stepping foot on campus yourself. Visit the main quad, sit at a seminar table, check out state-of-the-art lab equipment—it can help you better envision yourself if the future, inform your applications, and help you narrow your short list of colleges.

Be sure to make it an official visit. For schools you have not yet toured, it’s crucial to do so to demonstrate interest. Demonstrated interest is the degree to which you show that you’re sincerely interested in attending a school. It’s a subtle but important tool used by many schools to predict the likelihood that an applicant will enroll if admitted.  

Demonstrated interest is usually a bigger deal to private schools, but many public universities track it too. It’s safest to assume that the schools you’re interested in consider demonstrated interest—and even if you know for sure that they don’t, it can never hurt to give those schools an opportunity to get to know you better during a campus visit.

The primary goal of demonstrating interest is to help your admissions rep remember who you are while reading your application—and be confident that you’ll attend if accepted.

A very important final note: You must be the one showing interest—not your parents. Some colleges even subtract interest points for applicants whose parents reach out to admissions offices!