3 Tips for Parents to Prepare High School Students for Careers After College

Planning for careers after college ranks as the #1 concern for parents of high school juniors & seniors. And for good reason--studies indicate that students who explore possible career interests in high school (through job shadows, internships, summer programs, etc.) tend to be happier and more focused in their careers in their late 20s than students who waited until later to start "trying on jobs." But talking to students about future careers can be a delicate balance for parents, and 55% of high school students say that their parents are putting pressure on them to gain professional experience. So, how should you broach the subject?

Bob Carlton at College MatchPoint recently joined Rich Feller, Chief Scientist at YouScience, to discuss the gig economy and how parents can help their high school students to prepare for successful careers after college:

  1. It's all about skills: Students can make the most of their class projects, internships, and summer jobs to build an inventory of skills. 
  2. Careers are changing: 60% of the jobs college students are preparing for will be radically altered by technology & automation. Focusing on areas where human expertise is crucial will help set students apart.
  3. Your 5 best friends: A student's social network--online and in real life--has more of an impact on a student's career prospects than their college GPA. 

You can see the full presentation here: