Why Should You Tour Colleges

We encourage all our families to do at least one college trip during their decision-making journey. Here's why we think college trips are critical:

Trying it on: Guidebooks and websites never compare to the feeling a student gets when they walk through a campus. The experience of spending a morning or afternoon on a campus helps college become real.

Too big? Too small? Just right? Preferences on college size tend to follow fads. Right now we are in the era of the big state colleges. Something we often hear is, "I want to go to a college bigger than my high school." However, when students get on the campus of a smaller college they often realize that these institutions are vastly different from their high schools. It is critical for students to see a variety of colleges and universities so that they know their top criteria.

What's most important?: Talking to students after a college visit provides a wealth of information. You can hear the student's excitement when they share their highlights—whether it be the food, the professors, or even the quality of the gym. This will tell us about some their priorities in the college search process.