College Admissions Advice from Seniors and Their Parents

Last week I did a quick flash poll of my seniors and their parents  I wanted to get their reflections and advice  for students who were about to go through the college process. Many of them were knee deep in college applications and wrangling  the new Common Application.  (I'm sure you all have read about the many problems with the new Common Application). Here are some of the results of my flash poll:

There are so many essays.  Start early.

If your child has a learning difference, get help to find colleges that will have the resources your child needs.

Ask your parents how much they can afford to pay for college.
Pay attention to your grades and class selection early in your high school career.

Common App problems were unexpected obstacle when we were ready to apply. Lisa coached us through it which took the stress away. Again, starting early really helped.

I wish I had prepped more the SAT.

Figure out what you REALLY want in a college. This helps you narrow your list.

Start early and I mean early like maybe when you are 5.

I was afraid we wouldn't know fit if we saw it, but I'm quickly learning to listen to my gut and encourage my daughter to do the same.

Find a college application coach! A college application coach has helped our daughter's college application process so much. She has helped to preserve a good relationship with our child through a very stressful and confusing process. She has helped find appropriate schools to our child's interests and temperament, and our family budget.

Josh NeimarkComment