University of San Diego

I had the great pleasure of touring the University of San Diego today.  The campus is stunningly beautiful. This mid sized campus has quite a bit to offer students interested in pre professional or liberal arts.  The classes are small with an average of 18.  San Diego is a wonderful city for internships.  This allows students to graduate with significant real world experience especially in the business, engineering, and the sciences.

I was especially excited to hear about the new Engineering College.  The program is going to be very hands on and the faculty are carefully studying engineering programs at the top colleges in the country.  One benefit at University of San Diego is that students do not declare a major until sophomore year. This allows the student the chance to explore.  Even better is that all majors are open to all students.


If you are looking for a mid size college with sunny weather, take a look at University of San Diego.

Josh NeimarkComment