You’ve heard the University of Texas at Austin admissions process is competitive, now more than ever. You are not sure how your student will complete their essays and applications. And you need their application to stand out from the crowd. 

Now, you have a team of experts to guide you through the University of Texas at Austin admissions process. 

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College MatchPoint has been helping students and parents navigate the University of Texas at Austin application process for 10 years—and with a higher rate of success than students traditionally applying. We’ve worked with hundreds of students and families—ranging from the high achiever to the student who has not shined in high school to all students in between.

 Our top-notch team of experts includes veteran educational consultants, college admissions specialists, and college essay writing coaches who work together to make sure your student's application stands out from the stack. Our approach has been successful with a wide variety of students, including national merit scholars, students with learning differences, and with students in Texas and throughout the country. We meet, strategize, and ponder how to make your student shine. Meet the team.

Our team works successfully with students both virtually and in our offices in Austin, Texas. 

“With their experience and expertise, College MatchPoint took a process that was completely overwhelming and made it much easier to understand and complete. The team helped to refine all the essays to make sure all were aligned and the best that they could be. I am sure this was instrumental in helping my daughter receive an acceptance to every school she applied to. She will be attending University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. We could not have done it without them!”
— Jill Seibert
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Learn Everything You Need to Know About the University of Texas at Austin Expanded Resume

Students want to put their best foot forward on their college application, but sometimes space can be the limiting factor in doing so. This is especially true of the ApplyTexas application, which is why the University of Texas at Austin recommends students submit an expanded resume to bolster their application.

The expanded resume is basically a list of every experience a student has had that will help the admissions office get a sense of who they are as an applicant. UT expects these resumes might run three to four pages—or even more—so instead of just listing titles and dates, students will describe their activities, define their roles, and elaborate on their specific experiences.

This gives students a chance to highlight all their experiences: academic, extracurricular, professional, and personal. And it means they can show off their accomplishments in a more detailed way to pro-actively demonstrate their fit for their first-choice major.

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Learn How To Tackle the UT Austin Short Answer Application Prompts

When the University of Texas at Austin introduced three short answer essays to their application in 2017, many students felt panicked. Applications are already writing-intensive, so adding even more required writing was an overwhelming prospect.

But when it comes down to it, these questions are intended to help students. How? By giving them more opportunity to showcase their fit for UT and their first-choice major.

Read on for a series of tips about how to make the most of these short answer prompts, including specific advice for answering each one. 

General Tips For The Short Answer Prompts

  • Just answer the question. Seems simple, but it's important to keep in mind: these are not trick questions. UT Admissions is asking students exactly what they want to know. Students should read the question carefully and be sure they're addressing it directly. 
  • Be succinct. Students should absolutely use illustrative examples where appropriate, but they can save their creative juices for Essay A. The short answers are more about providing extra information to the admissions committee.
  • Always keep first-choice major in mind. The short answers are a great place to provide additional evidence for why a student is a good fit for their first-choice major.

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    Our Expert Team Takes the Stress Out of the  UT Process

    Not to brag, but we have an amazing team of experienced educational consultants, college admissions specialists, and college essay writing coaches. Our founder has worked with students for over 25 years, and our college essay specialists are gifted and accomplished writers—all of whom have taught at the college level. Your student will be matched with our team members based on personality, working style and location—it’s just one of the many ways we customize our proven process to meet individual student needs. Take a look at their impressive credentials

    A very organized group for letting your teenager work through the college application process to find the best match for the teen. They excel in essay tutoring, application polishing and helping your child meet their deadlines while minimizing the stress on the child and the family. They helped her organize her thoughts, brainstorm, set deadlines and knock out her essays in her own words and thoughts without a mother/daughter battle. They took the whole process off my plate and gave it to her which reduced the stress a family goes through in the college application process.
    — Elizabeth Buchholz

    Benefits of Our UT Essay & Applications Coaching  Services

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    • A trained UT expert to guide the student through each step of the college essay process
    • A structured outline for the student to use as they start the college essay writing process
    • An experienced UT admission coach to develop their extended resume
    • An expert essay coach to work with your student from brainstorming through extensive drafts
    • A taskmaster to keep the student focused and on schedule
    • A seasoned educational consultant overseeing the essay and application process 
    • An overarching strategy to create UT applications that stand out from the stack