We offer a variety of educational consulting and college planning services in our Austin, Texas, office—both to local students as well as students from across the U.S.

We have students who are with us from the 8th grade until high school graduation, as well as students who start with us the fall of their senior year. Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate the college planning process.  Our flexible, customized options will allow you to choose the college planning services you need—no matter where you live.


1. What is the profile of the typical College MatchPoint student?

That is a hard question. Our students range from the very high achieving student to the student who has not shined in high school—and all the students in the middle. We love working with a wide range of students to help them find a college and successfully complete the college application process. Our goal remains the same with each: to thrive in their selected college.

2.  How often will my student meet with you?

This depends on what services you need from our college counselors. Our comprehensive package includes up to 30 hours service.  Students vary on what they need in that time.  Of course, this varies depending on the student’s needs. We meet with you either face-to-face in our Austin, Texas, college planning office or via Skype or telephone.

4. Are all your students in Austin?

No! About a third of students utilizing our college preparation process are located outside of the Austin area, and some of our team is located in other parts of the country. We Skype with our out-of-town students and find that the process works equally as well.

5. Do we have to buy a package to work with you?

No! We offer a variety of options to meet your college or academic planning needs.