You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with your student: The College Tour. Nerves may be high as you feel the pressure to make this American rite of passage “perfect.” Give that expectation up—your college tour will likely not be perfect. Your student will think the tour guide is dumb or will make a snap decision about the campus after being there for less than 5 minutes. Or, even more frightening, your student will fall in love with a college that you did not like. Underneath all of this, some pretty tricky dynamics are at work. Your student is ever so slowly moving towards independence and a life away from you. Let’s be honest: that is scary (and sad).

Now for the good news—college tours can be a lot of fun. You get to visit new places and learn about amazing programs. More importantly, you get to spend some quality time with your student. You all will likely look back on these trips years from now with great memories.

Introducing the matchpoint guide to campus tours

College MatchPoint has developed a guide to making the most of your tour. The MatchPoint Guide includes the following topics

  • Building your college choice criteria

  • A parent pledge for campus tours

  • College tour planning checklist

  • Questions to ask on your tour

The guide also includes the College MatchPoint Campus Tour Evaluation Scorecard, which you can use to evaluate each school you tour.  

Click here to download your copy of this ebook.