Lisa Bain Carlton, M. Ed., Founder & Educational Consultant


Lisa Bain Carlton, M. Ed., Founder & Educational Consultant


Founder & Educational Consultant

Lisa Bain Carlton connects students and families to a college that fits. This includes finding a college that matches a student’s academic and personal profile as well as the family budget.

No two students or families are exactly alike. This is why Lisa takes thoughtful care in getting to know each student and his or her family. Through her extensive travels to college campuses across the country, Lisa looks for specific colleges that match the student’s skills and interests, as well as the family’s financial needs. She collaborates with other educational consultants around the U.S. to give her clients access to the best minds in the college admissions field.

For more than 25 years, Lisa has served multiple roles in the field of education, including in-depth counseling with adolescents and their families. Many adolescents in Dallas county participated in her award-winning career-development program for high school students. Lisa worked in higher education at Southern Methodist University, advising college students. She also served as consultant for the School’s Attuned Program and is highly skilled in working with students who have learning differences and mental health challenges.

Lisa formed Austin, Texas-based College MatchPoint in 2009. She has successfully guided hundreds of students through the college admissions and application process. Considered an expert in placing students with learning differences, she is sought out by families nationwide. In addition, she is adept at helping families find colleges that are affordable.

Lisa earned her Master’s degree in Counseling and Student Services with honors from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. Additionally, she obtained a Certificate in College Counseling from the UCLA College Counseling Certification Program. Currently, Lisa is a Professional Member of IECA, the premier professional association for educational consultants. She holds the Learning Disabilities Designation through IECA.

In her spare time, Lisa loves swimming at Deep Eddie and is always looking for an excuse to visit New Orleans, where her two daughters live. 

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