Financial Aid

NYT: The Big Test Before College- The Financial Aid Form

This is an excellent article about the difficulty many families experience completing the much dreaded financial aid forms.  Don't let the complicated nature of the FAFSA keep you from completing the form.  It is the entry point for most aid. Trust me on this- go complete the form if you haven't already!

For great resources and an online financial aid calculator, check out .

Rice raises financial aid income threshold

Good news out of Rice University- they are raising the income threshold for families to receive financial aid.  This is change will help middle income families.  It is wonderful to see colleges and universities responding proactively to the financial crisis.  Now more than ever, it is critical for families to research the financial aid policies of the schools their children are applying to.  If you haven't done so, go to, and find out your Expected Family Contribution (how much you are expected to pay).

US News: The 4 Rules of Paying for College in a Recession

I really enjoyed this article.  It makes some critical points about paying for college in a recession or anytime.  One point that is critical for families to consider is applying to a few generous colleges.  Each college varies on how it awards aid- both merit and need based.  It is critical to find out which colleges are going to be "generous" for your situation.