ApplyTexas Application Checklist

ApplyTexas is the online portal that students can apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating community and private colleges. Rice University is a notable exception, as it uses the Common App.

For each school you are applying to through the ApplyTexas, you need to make sure you do the following:

  • Complete all sections of the application and paste in all essays
  • Order test scores to be sent to the college. If you are still testing you can send test scores to UT and A&M up until December 1.
  • Order transcripts to be sent to the college (from ALL high schools and colleges attended)
  • Secure electronic copies of rec letters (you will upload these AFTER submitting your application)
  • Submit the application as soon as possible
  • Submit resume (UT & A&M) Both schools are submitted through their online portals.

UT and A&M will send you an email with instructions for logging into a portal (once you submit applications); be sure to log in and check on the status of your application. These portals are also where you will upload rec letters and your resume. You can also apply to honors programs on these portals.

Online Portals (to be used after you apply):