Creating a Well-Rounded College List

The first—and possibly most important—step in the application process is deciding which schools to apply to. There are thousands of factors to consider when choosing which colleges to put on a final college application list, and hundreds of schools that might fit the bill, so we urge parents and students alike to keep an open mind and not to be swayed by name recognition alone! 

There are two core steps in the College MatchPoint process that help students develop their lists:

In the Planning for College Success stage, we work with students to explore their learning style, interests, hobbies, and social style. The student’s academic profile is also an important factor, both in terms of their GPA (weighted and unweighted) and their standardized test scores. We work with parents to identify their financial goals for college, determining price range, an estimate of family contribution, and any other parent concerns.

We build on each student’s unique profile as we turn our attention to Creating Your Dream College. For many students, career testing can be very helpful. Most of our students complete the You Science Career Test, which often helps them focus on possible college majors. The most important tool in this stage is the student’s criteria for the school that will fit academically and socially -  and fits within a family’s budget. We use a variety of tools, including a criteria survey and even a set of college criteria playing cards- these tools help our students discover what they want out the college experience.