7 Resolutions to Make Your College Admissions Process Organized, Effective-- and Sometimes Even Fun

Happy New Year!

As this new year starts, here are 7 resolutions for students to help make sure this year is everything you hope for in the college admissions process:

  1. Make the most of this term in high school: go the extra step in a class or with an activity that will help you communicate to colleges how unique you are
  2. Ask for help when you are struggling academically
  3. Focus on fit, not on rankings, as you research colleges
  4. In your activities outside of school, focus on your passions and dig deep
  5. Get started on test prep now--avoid procrastination and dialing it in (these scores matter!)
  6. Be wholehearted and embrace a sense of adventure; don't be afraid to fail
  7. Connect with colleges once you know they are on your list (hint: go on college tours!)