Take the College Tour Parent Pledge

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with your student: The College Tour. Nerves may be high as you feel the pressure to make this American rite of passage “perfect.” Give that expectation up--your college tour will likely not be perfect. Your student will think the the tour guide is dumb or will make a snap decision about the campus after being there for less than 5 minutes. Or, even more frightening, your student will fall in love with a college that you did not like.  Underneath all of this, some pretty tricky dynamics are at work. Your student is ever so slowly moving towards  independence and a life away from you. Let’s be honest: that is scary (and sad).   

Photo by AnnBaldwin/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AnnBaldwin/iStock / Getty Images

In order to have a more fruitful trip, I am inviting you to take the MatchPoint College Tour Parent Pledge:

o   I give up the expectation that this trip will be perfect.

o   I will remind myself each morning that I have already gone to college and this trip is about finding the best college for my child.

o   I will respect my student’s point of view and remember that he or she is going to evaluate colleges as a 16-18 year old.

o   I will step back and let my student take the lead. (Yes, this includes, not being that parent that asks 10 questions on tour).

o   I will ask my student his or her opinion about the college prior to sharing my opinion.

o   I will remember that this time is precious & more than anything, I will work to enjoy this trip.