Getting Into the Ivy League

True or false: stellar grades, high test scores, and a well-rounded list of activities/interests are key factors in getting into a top school? The answer, which may surprise you, is false. When many of the parents reading this were likely applying to colleges, demonstrating "well-roundedness" was important, which is why you probably had parents (and teachers) pushing you to join student council or play one more year of an instrument so you could add to your resume.

Now, however, colleges are looking to create well-rounded classes built from angular kids. So while those top grades and scores still matter, showing a breadth of interests is far less important than showing depth of interest in one or two select areas. In short, students today need to stand out from the crowd in some sort of unique or interesting way. How to do this, you ask? Check out this article listing three ways to help your child get into a top school